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The Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement:

» CAP calls on Prime Minister to withdraw from TPPA during Obama’s visit
Online Publication Date:24 April 2014
CAP calls on Prime Minister to withdraw from Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA) during Obama’s visit - or at least not to make any concessions to the US President.

» Obama and the TPPA
Online Publication Date:31 March 2014
Martin Khor explains why US President barack Obama’s response to public criticism on the US trade deals with Europe and Asia-Pacific ring hollow.

» Profiting from Crisis: How corporations and lawyers are scavenging profits from Europe's crisis countries
Online Publication Date:11 March 2014
Corporations and lawyers are scavenging profits from Europe’s crises-hit countries by suing on the basis of trade and investment agreements and demanding millions of euros of taxpayer money at a time when many austerity measures are already depriving many of much-needed social and welfare measures.

» UNITAID Report: The TPPA: Implications for Access to Medicines and Public Health
Online Publication Date:06 March 2014
Among the notable findings of UNITAID’s analysis is the danger it highlights of the US’ proposal to remove bars against the ‘ever-greening’ of existing medicines by explicitly requiring that new uses, new forms and new methods of use of existing medicines be patentable in TPPA countries. If agreed to, such provisions would effectively allow patent holders, through successive and overlapping patents on new forms of old medicines, to enjoy longer periods of exclusivity on a medicine than the 20-year minimum period prescribed by TRIPS.

» The TPPA: A matter of life and death
Online Publication Date:06 March 2014
Of all the issues currently being negotiated in the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA) and other similar free trade agreements, none are more important than the ability of patients to get life-saving medicines at affordable prices, which many fear may be a victim of the agreements.

» Rare Backing for KL's TPPA Proposal
Online Publication Date:12 February 2014
Malaysia’s tobacco carveout proposal at the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement to protect state and local regulation from legal challenge by tobacco companies has been strongly supported.

» Economic Gains and Costs from the TPP
Online Publication Date:05 February 2014
The TPP offers only small quantifiable benefits from trade liberalisation packaged with fundamental, hard-to-quantify ability to protect the public interest. Whether there would ultimately be a net gain for the peoples of the TPP partner countries seems doubtful at this stage. A proper accounting will be possible only when a full text is made public.

» KEI Comments on leaked August 30, 2013 version of the TPP IP Chapter
Online Publication Date:18 November 2013
Knowledge Ecology International (KEI) has obtained from Wikileaks a complete copy of the consolidated negotiating text for the IP Chapter of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPPA), which was distributed among the Chief Negotiators by the USTR after the 19th Round of Negotiations at Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei, in August 27th, 2013.


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