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The Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement:

» Civil societies open letter to Trade Ministers meeting in Chile, 14-15 March 2017
Online Publication Date:21 February 2017
We urge you to accept that this model has failed, and to engage with us and others in a more open and democratic process to develop alternative approaches that genuinely serve the interests of our peoples, our nations and the planet.

» Report: Congress will abandon Trans-Pacific Partnership deal, White House concedes
Online Publication Date:16 November 2016
Obama administration admits defeat after congressional leaders from both parties say they will not bring trade deal forward during lame-duck session.

» International Civil Society Movements Succeed in Derailing the TPP
Online Publication Date:16 November 2016
Civil society movements across Asia, Latin America, Oceania, and North America – united internationally to fight the corporate agenda of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) for more than seven years – finally succeeded in derailing the controversial pact.

» UN Expert Urges TPP Countries Not to Sign the TPP Without Committing to Human Rights and Development
Online Publication Date:02 February 2016
United Nations human rights expert Alfred de Zayas has called on Governments not to sign the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) without reaffirming their human rights treaty obligations and their recent pledges to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.

» MPs our last defence from TPPA own-goal
Online Publication Date:21 January 2016
If the TPPA is simply a trade deal, there would be less grounds for concern. Unfortunately, its other provisions will undermine the Malaysian public interest, with the ability for the government and the public to set things right, irreversibly signed away.

» Trading Down: Unemployment, Inequality and Other Risks of the TPPA
Online Publication Date:21 January 2016
Widely cited projections suggest modest GDP gains after ten years, varying from less than half a percentage point for the United States to 13 percent for Vietnam. However, these projections are based on unrealistic assumptions such as full employment and constant income distribution.

» The New Age of Foreign Corporations - An Analysis of the TPPA's Investment Chapter
Online Publication Date:21 January 2016
This analysis by law professor Dr Gurdial Singh Nijar shows that the scope of the protected investments in respect of which an ISDS case can be brought is far wider than in any other of Malaysia’s previous trade treaties. Gurdial also warns that for the first time the US is a party, and its big corporations are notorious for pursuing all sorts of claims against other countries for millions if not billions

» TPPA Copyright Provisions which may Impact on Education in Malaysia
Online Publication Date:17 December 2015
Overall, these provisions do not augur well for the education landscape in Malaysia. In addition, as this analysis demonstrates, other important stakeholders in the copyright industries are also adversely impacted in one way or another which may have a rippling effect on education


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