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Info from USA:

Malaysia one of 62 countries targeted by USTR annual trade report

Online Publication Date: 05 April 2006

Bush Administration Submits 2006 National Trade Estimate Report (NTE) To Congress

In a press release of the US Trade Representtaive Office dated 03/31/2006, the USTR General Counsel Jim Mendenhall said:
"We have an aggressive and proactive agenda to open markets and reduce trade barriers so that American workers, farmers and businesses can sell their goods and services to the 95 percent of the world's consumers living outside the United States. The NTE report is a useful tool in identifying trade barriers our exporters face."

"Our job is to break down those barriers -- whether they are tariff or non-tariff barriers -- because it is essential to our continued economic growth and prosperity," continued Mendenhall. "Open trade is good for all countries. One of the reasons we seek an ambitious and successful Doha Round is because of the potential for global growth and poverty alleviation from the reduction of trade barriers."

The NTE covers 62 major trading partners in each region of the world and provides an account of barriers and unfair trade practices to American exports of goods, services, and farm products.

In early April, the USTR will announce the results of the 1377 Review, a report that focuses on the barriers facing U.S. telecommunications services and equipment providers, and lays out the specific telecommunications-related issues on which USTR will focus its efforts this year.

Thirty days after the NTE report is submitted to Congress, the USTR will issue its "Special 301" annual report on the adequacy and effectiveness of intellectual property rights (IPR) protection in trading partners around the world. The information gathered for the NTE report plays a key role in the decision making process in both of these reports.

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